Decoding Krypton Pad's Tokenomics

GameFi Experience


Platform Currency

Farming for rewards & Allocation (Liquidity Provision)

Staking for Allocation

Access to NFTs & Airdrops from partners

Decoding Krypton Pad's Tokenomics

Krypton Pad’s tokenomics establishes a versatile framework. The platform’s native token serves as a governance tool, enabling users to shape its future. Acting as the primary currency, it facilitates payments for marketing quests and trading fees on the marketplace. Token holders gain access to exclusive NFTs and airdrops from partners. Furthermore, engaging in staking and farming activities offers opportunities for allocation, liquidity provision, and attractive rewards within the ecosystem.

Krypton Staking

Users will be are required to stake $KRYPTON based on a tiered system. Aside access to launch allocation, staking
the $KRYPTON token also will come with a host of platform perks. Sample Staking System (To be finalized by the KryptonPad Team)

Sample Staking System (To be finalized by the KryptonPad Team)


GameFi Experience

Business Revenue Model


Platform Fees

• Customized marketing quests
and Private & IDO Launches
• Marketplace & Running Quests
• Conducting IDOs on the Kryptonpad.


• “Instant” staking option at a 5% fee.


• Liquidity Pools.

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