GameFi Experience

KryptonPad aims to enhance crypto user engagement by gamifying projects. The platform addresses inefficiencies in the current token launch landscape.

Unique Selling Points


KryptonPad surpasses gamified marketing platforms like Gleam and ViralSweep by incorporating decentralized blockchain elements, such as Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs),.

Go-to-market Strategy

KryptonPad will implement a multi-pronged marketing strategy to onboard users & build retention.The core of KryptonPad’s strategy will be content creation, strategic alliance with partners, andincentivizing user-generated content in the community.

Market Opportunity

Crypto projects raised $30.3Bn in the 1st half of 2022 with DeFi, Web3 & NFTs making up 34% of the total funds raised

The total number of crypto fundraising deals in 2022 was 1,982, an increase of 48.24% from 1,337 in 2021

As the crypto market grows,
encompassing new categories like DAOs, the Metaverse, social networks, and more, crypto projects are presented with a prime opportunity to raise funds.

The crypto-native
community is also on the
rise with 6.66M DeFi users
in the last 12 month

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